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Helping to House the Homeless

San Francisco spent $275 million on the homeless crisis in 2017, yet nothing has truly improved the growing issue. Shelters and supportive housing have an astounding 1,100+ people on their waitlists. In addition, the average spent on a person in supportive housing was $17,353. San Francisco, and other metropolitan areas, need a cleaner, efficient, and affordable solution to this issue.

We are here to help.

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canvas houses micro home for homeless



The Basics

Canvas Houses are state-of-the-art tension fabric structures that are affordable, easily deployable, and fully furnished. The goal is for these structures to be administered by metropolitan areas and serve as temporary housing for the homeless.

These temporary housing kits can find a home almost anywhere and can adapt to almost any type of environment, thus making it a viable solution for those in need of minimalist housing.

Urban requirements, such as cleanability, durability, and design appeal, have all been incorporated into the design.


Many of the current design attributes were developed based on the general needs of the urban homeless.

interior of micro-home

Dinette Converts to Bed

Palletized for Quick Delivery and Easy Assembly

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  • Table and Chairs Converted into 6'-6" Bunk

  • Galley with Basin

  • Gravity-Fed Water System

  • Insulated

  • Storage


  • 5' x 9' x 8' Tall Single Occupancy Unit

  • Easily Deployable

  • Secure Window and Door

  • Secure Foundation

  • 110V Outlet Hookup

  • Pressure Washable

  • Fire Resistant



  • Solar Panels

  • ADA Compliant

  • Double Room Occupancy

  • Composting Toilet

  • Heating Panel

  • Customizable Exterior Graphics

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Cities that need transitional housing for their elderly homeless where existing resources cannot provide enough will benefit from a community of Canvas Houses. 


Canvas Houses can convert unused city property into aesthetic, micro-home communities which can be equipped with toilets, showers, laundry facilities, a navigation center, and open spaces for its residents.

By including a community of Canvas Houses into your city, it can help reduce the homeless population on the streets and allow for a greater sense of community between all residents. 

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Liz Diaz, Master Fabric Craftsman, has been in the fabric and textiles industry for over 30 years with her business, North Beach Marine Canvas. After constantly seeing the hardships of the homeless along the streets in San Francisco, Liz wanted to put her knowledge of marine interiors, fabric, and architectural design to the test and create a micro-home kit that could potentially solve this growing issue.

After months of deliberation, Liz and her team designed the first Canvas House, made of steel framing and a structural tensile membrane. Her goal is to bring more solutions to the nation-wide homeless problem.

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